Monday, March 30, 2009

Unhappy OSX User

It seems that we are having some unhappy OSX users.

As hard core Windows user, I do not own any OSX to reproduce the problem. Hence, I decide to setup a virtual environment for OSX, by using VMWare player. Just like what I had done to test JStock for Ubuntu Linux, under VMWare player.

Unfortunately, OSX under VMWare player is much more resource intensive than what I am expecting. Moving a mouse pointer, click on the Safari icon, take 1++ minute to launch the browser!!!

After several tries, I decide to give up the idea of perform testing under VMWare. OK, I would like to invite OSX packager to join JStock project, as posted here and here.



Riaan Conradie said...

The jar file work perfectly fine on Leopard. If you are having any trouble just do the following:

To get JStock working on Mac OS X you need to download the latest binary for JStock from SourceForge. To automatically go to the downloads section for JStock on sourceforge click the link: and download the latest jstock binary. The current version of JStock is 1.0.4d so I downloaded Double click the zip file in Mac OS X to extract the zip file to a folder.

Check your version of java by typing java -version in a terminal. To get a terminal window go to /Applications/Utilities and click on Terminal. If this version is 1.5 or earlier you need to install soylatte because Apple SUCKS at releasing new java versions. There is a Java 6 version available for Mac but only for 64-bit enabled browsers (if you have a 64-bit enabled browser you would only need to go to /Applications/Utilities/Java and load the Java Preferences. Then you just change the Java version to Java SE 6 and drag the Java SE 6 to the top of the Java Application runtime settings). For us that only have 32-bit enabled browsers we should do the following: Download soylatte from Use username: "jrl" and password: "I am a Licensee in good standing" - all without quotes. Click the following two links to get help on installing soylatte: and (This is a good time to thank Robert Dempsey for this excellent explanation!).

Then, open a terminal window (as described above) and type java -jar "the path to and name of the jstock.jar file" (i.e. I had to type java -jar /Users/Riaan/Downloads/jstock/jstock.jar as the jstock.jar file is located in /Users/Riaan/Downloads/jstock/ on my mac). Et voila! Give jstock a little time to load and then you are ready to trade!

By the way, Yan Cheng et al., thank you very much for a brilliant piece of open source software! Much appreciated. The only thing missing though is to get the data of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) downloaded to jstock (nudge nudge wink wink) ... :)

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