Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Development Plan for JStock

Better JXTreeTable for Portfolio

Currently, we are using JXTreeTable from SwingX 0.9.6 as portfolio presentation. There is a glitch in term of user experience. Sometimes, you need to perform double click, instead of single click to select a row. 

Let's look at the following situation.

If the mouse is hover the stock name, performing single click will select the row.

However, if the mouse is not hover the stock name, user needs to perform double click in order to select the row. This is not a correct behavior. We expect single click will do the job.

I guess this is bug in SwingX 0.9.6. To fix the problem, we need to grab SwingX 0.9.6 source code, and perform necessary source code fixes on SwingX 0.9.6.

Able to perform figures drawing on stock history chart

For technical analysis users, they would love to perform the following figures drawing on stock history chart

  • Draw lines with selected color, line thickness
  • Draw circles with selected color, line thickness
  • Draw text with selected color, font size, font attribute and font type
We can either use JHotDraw (, or build up our very own simple figures drawing framework.

We need good programmers to take charge of these challenging tasks. If you are interested in contributing to this open source project, do drop me an email yccheok [at] yahoo dot com

Android development

Progress is slow lately. In view of that, we will to hire a full time programmer around mid of March, to speed up the development. At this moment, we decide to make Android ported JStock as a closed source project. ( We will reveal more information in coming months.