Saturday, August 18, 2012

Need help to assembly back DingBot


My name is Cheok and I am from Malaysia.

I owned a DingBot ( 20+ back years ago. Just that recently, I want to gift it to my small niece. However, I realize its DC motor not working anymore, due to loosen of wire. Hence, I dissemble the entire robot, tighten the wire. The DC motor is working right now. 

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to put it back anymore! The design of its mechanical is much more sophisticated than I expected! (Yah, It is patented! -

Here is the characteristics of this robot 

1) He will move forward for a while 

2) He will then stop, turn his head left right several times. 

3) While his head is turning, there is sound being emitted. (Interesting, I don't find any sound chip in the robot. I was wondering how does it emit the sound using mechanical way?)

4) Just in case he hits obstacle, he will turn around (I am not quite remember he is turning left or right) 

Here are the components where I cannot figure out how to put them together, so that the moving-stop-head turning-moving mechanism works.

Here are its other components. I think I shouldn't have problem to put up rest of others. 

If you own this robot, help is very much appreciated, to teach me how to assembly back the robot. I really wish to pass down my childhood favorite toy to my niece. 

Or, possible for you to help me spread this message to appropriate community? As I do not mix around much with robot hobbyist community :)

Thanks a lot!

My contact is yccheok at yahoo dot com