Monday, March 30, 2009

Unhappy OSX User

It seems that we are having some unhappy OSX users.

As hard core Windows user, I do not own any OSX to reproduce the problem. Hence, I decide to setup a virtual environment for OSX, by using VMWare player. Just like what I had done to test JStock for Ubuntu Linux, under VMWare player.

Unfortunately, OSX under VMWare player is much more resource intensive than what I am expecting. Moving a mouse pointer, click on the Safari icon, take 1++ minute to launch the browser!!!

After several tries, I decide to give up the idea of perform testing under VMWare. OK, I would like to invite OSX packager to join JStock project, as posted here and here.


Further Addon Plans for 1.0.4b

During the development of 1.0.4b, we discover other bugs which may make our end users unhappy.

[2687975] Wrong Information Displayed For Korea Market

Hence, we decide to mark this as "Must Fixed", before we are losing potential Korean user.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interesting Blog by Joshua Bloch

I have been reading an interesting blog by Joshua Bloch, Extra, Extra - Read All About It: Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken

The following solution can be found in latest version of JDK

int mid = (low + high) >>> 1;

The first thing which comes across my mind is that, (low + high) will cause sign overflow too. However, the comment from the following reader clears out my mind.

">>>" is the unsigned right shift operator. So if I'm not mistaken (low + high) is stored in unsigned int and then shifted one to the right dropping remainder leaving a division by 2 with no remainder returned as a signed int. So it does work.

Very cool, isn't it?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Patches and Minor Fixes Planned for 1.0.4b

The release of 1.0.4a had been locked down. This means there shall no be any further major enhancement and major bug fixing for 1.0.4a. All the major enhancement and bug fixing will be going into release 1.0.5.

However, patches and minor bug fixing will still be released along the line 1.0.4b, 1.0.4c…

After the few hours released of 1.0.4a, 3 minor bugs (which doesn’t not have large impact to the end users) had been identified :

(1) False alert being received in “Fall Below” - The plan to fix this is to include more detailed in the email sent out by JStock, in order for developers to track down the problem

(2) NPE while changing country - This shall not have the major impact, as NPE is caught at Swing Event Dispatch level. However, there shall not be any NPE thrown.

(3) Two country channel displayed at the same list box while changing the country. There should be only one.

Developers are now working on to resolve the problem. All the above mentioned problem are targeted to be released at 1.0.4b

11 New Countries Support In 1.0.4a

Due to request from users, the following new countries had been added in version 1.0.4a

- Australia
- Austria
- Belgium
- Canada
- HongKong
- Indonesia
- Korea
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Switzerland
- Taiwan

Thanks to the well design abstraction employed by JStock. All the new countries can be easily added within a night, with not much difficulty encounter ;)

Welcomed to JStock Development Blog

The development goal for JStock 1.0.5 had been defined :

Further enhance usability of Stock Indicator Editor.

Two feature tracker had identified with highest priority :

[2676553] Complex Operator composed of Primitive Operator
[2214275] Internationalization and Localization

Stay tune on the development progress of JStock.