Thursday, March 12, 2009

11 New Countries Support In 1.0.4a

Due to request from users, the following new countries had been added in version 1.0.4a

- Australia
- Austria
- Belgium
- Canada
- HongKong
- Indonesia
- Korea
- Netherlands
- Portugal
- Switzerland
- Taiwan

Thanks to the well design abstraction employed by JStock. All the new countries can be easily added within a night, with not much difficulty encounter ;)


lianwu said...

Hi,Can you add support for china stock market(Shanghai, Shenzhen). or is it in the future plan?

Yan Cheng Cheok said...

Yes. I always wish to support China Stock Market. However, due to some technical issues, it can only be done AFTER version 1.0.5, after the following feature had been completed :

[2214275] Internationalization and Localization

This is because most of the stock in China are in Chinese Language, where currently JStock only support English Language.

Anonymous said...

Could you please consider adding Turkey in future versions?

Royce Chan said...

Hello Mr Yan, is me again, Royce. Is there any problem with the Malaysia stock database recently? All of the stock price (Malaysia) showing me 0.00. While United State's stock works well.

By the way, hope Japan stock market will be added soon. ;) Great software, thanks a lot!

Thorin Oakenshield said...

Hi Yan,
First of all thank you for your incredible efforts for writing and maintaining this application. I appreaciate the efforts of JStock team.

But i'have a feature request. Is there a plan to include Türkey IMKB Stock Exchange to the database.

Thank you.