Sunday, November 22, 2009

Upcoming 1.0.5d Release Plan

Here is our plan for the upcoming 1.0.5d :-

  • Better User Defined Stock Symbol Feature
Current, for newly listed Maxis stock, I have to key in "6012.KL". How I wish I could just key in "Maxis"

  • Better Transaction Fee Calculation
OK. I just received complains. Not every country is having Stamp Duty, Broker Fee, Clearing Fee.

  • Support of Brazil Stock Market
  • Having Alert Sound Feature
  • Having Fast Stochastics Indicator
  • Able to Purchase Stock through Indicator Scan Result
  • Bug Fixing on Internet Connections Problem under Some Linux

If you feel that there are some features missing out from the list. Let us know. We will try to fit in, if there is enough room space ;)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Let JStock Floating On The Cloud

Yes. With new 1.0.5b, you may access JStock settings from anytime and anywhere. Truely cloud computing ;) (Opps, another buzz term)

You may download new JStock, from

Note that, bugs on UK portfolio issues and Technical Analysis also solved.