Sunday, November 22, 2009

Upcoming 1.0.5d Release Plan

Here is our plan for the upcoming 1.0.5d :-

  • Better User Defined Stock Symbol Feature
Current, for newly listed Maxis stock, I have to key in "6012.KL". How I wish I could just key in "Maxis"

  • Better Transaction Fee Calculation
OK. I just received complains. Not every country is having Stamp Duty, Broker Fee, Clearing Fee.

  • Support of Brazil Stock Market
  • Having Alert Sound Feature
  • Having Fast Stochastics Indicator
  • Able to Purchase Stock through Indicator Scan Result
  • Bug Fixing on Internet Connections Problem under Some Linux

If you feel that there are some features missing out from the list. Let us know. We will try to fit in, if there is enough room space ;)


Ting said...

It is a nice software. However, it might be more convenience if it is portable. The installation always tries to install Java which I already have on my computer. Another suggestion is the portfolio location. It is more friendly if the user can configure where he/she wants to store the portfolio, not the window defined location. Thanks.

Teh said...

I really appreciate that this software is free. However, I wish that more indicators and features are incorporated into the software.

At present I am using software provided by stock broking firm which only provides price alert (ie, sms or email will be sent to me if a stock hits certain price)

I am looking for a software that could trigger alert based on :
a) indicators
b) price
c) other methods which may be useful

So far I can't find any with the above criteria in Malaysia. It would be useful if the above features could be incorporated.


Yan Cheng Cheok said...

Ting : You may save to cloud remote storage. This enable you to view portfolio from any computer.

VC said...

I use JStock in Hong Kong. It is nice. However, I cannot find most of the Hong Kong stock code in the default database. For example, the stock code "0001.HK" for Cheung Kong is missing. I can only find the code "0001-OL.HK" which cannot retrieve the latest price. Hope that your next version can fix it.

Brian said...

I am new to Jstock and am reviewing it to meet several requirements which I have not found in any application. I have several portfolios under different currencies
($, gbp etc).
1 I need to input initial cash and deposits in the appropriate currency.
2 I have both stocks and Mutuals in my portfolios. Yahoo verifys the mutual symbols but Jstock seems to disallow them.
3 Some of the european stock symbols verify in Yahoo but disappear in Jstock.
Are ther now or planned answers to these problems? Or are they operator error?