Monday, November 26, 2012

We just won :)

After 2 weeks of close race, we finally won the vote poll! UFO : AI had us there for a couple of days. But, with supports from various parties, we manage to won the race by 23 votes.

I am really very much grateful for your support. In no particular order, I want to express my highest gratitude to the following people, bloggers, forum owners, site owners and communities.

In the next coming month, we are going to see JStock project being listed at the top of the front page for the entire of December.

However, this is not something which I'm excited about. What I'm really excited about is, there will be a significant number of users and contributors attracted to JStock Open Source Project. With them, a healthy community is going to be formed around this Open Source Project.

One day, even the original team lefts JStock, the project will still be alive and evolve. There will always be new people coming in, to take care of and grow the project.

Together, we are just getting started...

Thank you,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Please Show Your Full Support to JStock by Voting

Dear all, 

2 more days the voting poll will be closed. Please show your full support to JStock by voting. Thank you!

To learn why voting is such important to JStock, please read

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Vote for JStock - Free Stock Market Software for SourceForge project of the month

It's an honor to let you know that, JStock ( is on the ballot for the December SourceForge project of the month.

The winner of this vote gets their project listed at the top of the front page for the entirety of December, a blog post and podcast on the SourceForge blog, and a badge on the project summary page.

I would be very appreciated, if you can dedicate your priceless vote to

"JStock - Free Stock Market Software"

The poll is at

Thanks a lot!