Sunday, April 25, 2010

It has been a quiet month for JStock

Yes. It has been a quiet month for JStock. There are NO new release for this April!

Instead, we are currently planning out a new feature for JStock. We want to enable users to draw various figures (Circle, rectangle, line...) on the top of current charting.

We also want to have a feature, so that with a single button click, user may publish their drawn charts to the public.

Our initial plan is to make use of existing JHotDraw, to speed up the development work. However, after some discussion with JHotDraw's team, we realize the technical barrier is rather high.

See our discussion with JHotDraw's team :

We gone through all the available Java 2D Drawing Framework list.

However, none of them fit into our requirement.

Sadly to say, we may need to code this feature from scratch, instead of re-using code from others.

This also means you have to wait for longer period, to enjoy the above released feature.

Meanwhile, if you have small enhancement request at this mean time, you may send us the request through forum :

We will see whether we are able to slot it into our schedule ;)