Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yahoo Finance History Data Out Dated

PPB always stay to be one of my favorite stocks. However, this is not the reason I want to blog about. What I want to point out is, Yahoo! Finance history data is having inaccuracy problem recently.

See the below screen shoot.

The latest history date is Jan 17, 2011. It seems that the data is out-dated for more than a month. (Today date is Feb 27, 2011).

If this issue affects you, perhaps you want to contact Yahoo! through Yahoo! Finance Data Inaccuracy Form (Hopefully they are willing to give a hand to you)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Critical bug fix for JStock

JStock 1.0.5y had been released, with a critical bug fix.

There is change in stock server policy. Stock server may return empty stock symbol for certain stocks, especially for United State stock market. We will ignore those empty stock symbols, and replace them with our own offline stock database's.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

JStock 1.0.5x had been released (I Am Sorry! 1.0.6 Is Not Ready Yet!)

JStock 1.0.5x had been released, which has 6 features and 5 bugs fixed.

Feature: Stock Watchlist will able to load result saved from Stock Indicator Scanner.
Font size
Feature: Able to use left/right arrow key to move around yellow information boxes of Investment Flow Chart.

Feature: Make the stock purchase process smoother, by doesn't require user to press ENTER explicitly.

Feature: Automatic switch to the particular page, when user tries to activate a portfolio or watchlist.

Feature: Having a confirmation dialog box, to avoid user from clicking uninstall icon accidentally.

Feature: Indicator scanning completion progress will be displayed at status bar.

Bugfix: Able to suspend and resume network activity in PortfolioManagementJPanel when not in used, so that network resource is being preserved.

Bugfix: Adjust combo box popup width, so that horizontal scrollbar will not displayed.

Bugfix: Instead of limiting currency decimal places to 2 only, we allow them to float between 2 to 3, to avoid from losing precision.

Bugfix: Prevent user from uploading Stock Watchlist file with too many stocks to cloud server.

Bugfix: Under dividend dialog box, the stock selection through combo box will be sorted in alphabetical order.

You may download latest JStock 1.0.5x from After upgrade, your personal data will be preserved.

Please write us Ratings and Reviews after you have used JStock, to help us in making JStock a better software.

(We apologize for the delay of version 1.0.6, as there are quite a number of technical hurdles which prevent us from moving too fast.)