Monday, December 21, 2009

Can JStock Speak Chinese?

This is our wish!

We want JStock able to speak all languages other than English. Due to the technical difficulties, we will have to postpond this plan till 2010.

New Year Release?

Is a shame that after release 1.0.5f, we still have unfinished feature yet.

Let's go back to what we plan on 1.0.5d. Can we finish all the below features before we step over to new year 2010?

Let's wait and see.

  • Better User Defined Stock Symbol Feature (Done)
  • Better Transaction Fee Calculation
  • Support of Brazil Stock Market (Done)
  • Having Alert Sound Feature (Done)
  • Having Fast Stochastics Indicator
  • Able to Purchase Stock through Indicator Scan Result (Done)
  • Bug Fixing on Internet Connections Problem under Some Linux

Sunday, December 06, 2009

1.0.5d Is Here

JStock 1.0.5d had been released by today. (Sorry, it may not tally with initial release plan, due to tight schedule)

There are several highlights :

Feature: Is my dividend earning increased from year to year? Is Microsoft dividend payout decreased from year to year? JStock will help you the answer all the dividend questions.
Visit here for more info.

Feature: Enable user to specific symbol in user defined database. Instead of typing code "6012.KL" which is difficult to be memorized. You may choose to enter symbol "MAXIS".
Visit here for more info.

Feature: Pressing ESC, will enable user to deselect table in Real-Time Info, Stock Indicator Scanner and Portfolio Management.

Feature: Added "JStock Home" menu.

Feature: Right-click and buy stocks from the Stock Indicator Scanner.

Bugfix: Incorrect Hong Kong Database. Click on the small bottom right computer icon, will resolve the issue.

Bugfix: Wrong information for Spain Market database. Click on the small bottom right computer icon, will resolve the issue.

Like it? Just download from here