Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Vote for JStock - Free Stock Market Software for SourceForge project of the month

It's an honor to let you know that, JStock (http://jstock.sourceforge.net/) is on the ballot for the December SourceForge project of the month.

The winner of this vote gets their project listed at the top of the SourceForge.net front page for the entirety of December, a blog post and podcast on the SourceForge blog, and a badge on the project summary page.

I would be very appreciated, if you can dedicate your priceless vote to

"JStock - Free Stock Market Software"

The poll is at http://twtpoll.com/l2cil8

Thanks a lot!


雷門 said...

can i have your email contact?

3217 said...

Just discovered JStock yesterday, what a wonderful piece piece of work !