Tuesday, April 28, 2009

JStock - Stock Market Software: 1.0.4b Released

New version of JStock 1.0.4b has been released with the following features and bug fixes.

1. [2686577] Feature added. Proxy Auth Support. Contributed by gransi.

2. [2722273] Feature added. Read/ Write on Excel/ CSV File Format.

3. [2725384] Remember The Width of Table Column. Contributed by gransi.

4. [2687975] Bug fixed. Wrong Information Displayed For Korea Market.

5. [2767249] Bug fixed. Current price Is 0 when there is no transaction on that day.

6. [2737316] Bug fixed. NPE in ArithmeticOperator.division. Contributed by wolfc.

You may download JStock 1.0.4b from http://jstock.sourceforge.net


steven said...

Can share the way you package JStock into exe?

Royce Chan said...

Just wondering, is the real time stock data just need USD 13.95 / month as listed in Yahoo! real time package? So meaning that the cost of sponsoring the real-time stock data to Jstock only cost USD 13.95 / month?

Yan Cheng Cheok said...

steven : I am using launch4j to create the exe. You may download the source code for jstock. There is configuration file for creating the exe.

royce chan : Yes. You are right.

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