Sunday, June 01, 2014

Upcoming development plans for June and onward

Although we have 3 releases in May, the development progress is some how sluggish. Here's what I wish to accomplish in next coming months.

Support both Yahoo! and Google Finance
Currently, only India is using Google Finance data feed. There's technical barrier which holds us to make Google Finance work for other countries.

Our core stock engine is RealTimeStockMonitor. If our watchlist contains both United States (assume Google Finance is picked for United States) and Malaysia (assume Yahoo Finance is picked for Malaysia) stocks, JStock won't work. RealTimeStockMonitor only able to support single country stock server factory, not multiple countries stock server factories.

Re-architecture the entire RealTimeStockMonitor to support multiple countries stock server factories is essential

Displays multiple countries watchlist in single page
Ability to display both United State stocks & Malaysia stocks in single page.

Split & merge stock in JStock Android

Revise UI/UX for dividend page in JStock Android

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Anonymous said...

no discount for premium? i find that $7.99 is a bit too high...