Saturday, June 28, 2014

Google Finance is now being supported for 6 countries

I'm extremely happy to announce that, realtime Google Finance is now being supported for countries US, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, China and India. For more information, please refer to

If you like our work so far, a little donation does show BIG encouragement. Thank you!

Very soon, we should see realtime Google Finance being supported in JStock Android as well. Porting work is still in progress.

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Unknown said...

I have been a long time daily user of JSTOCK. There are often slight prices shown between different apps using different feeds. However a big difference happened Friday 25 Nov. yesterday as follows.


Last price on JSTOCK 133.24= a drop of 0.2% on the day

All other apps I use including Yahoo Finance on their website: closing price = 124.75 = a drop on the day of 6.55 %