Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some stocks aren't found in JStock Android

Although JStock Android does have intelligent stock suggestion, some users unable to find their favorite stocks sometimes.

In JStock - Free Stock Market Software, we provide an alternative way, for you to add in new stock manually.

However, JStock Android's feature is still not as rich as JStock - Free Stock Market Software's. (We aware of that. Everyday, we are working very hard to make JStock Android as good as JStock - Free Stock Market Software). Able to add new stock feature is in our To-Do list

Right now, here is the alternative way you can try out. For instance, if you want to add IGBREIT, you can help JStock Android to discover the new stock, by providing its stock code (5227.KL)

We hope this workaround will work for you at this moment, till we make JStock Android better.

Happy investing :)

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