Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to setup stock alert for JStock Android

Recently, I received quite a number of emails, asking on how to setup stock alert for JStock Android. I'm going to show you an example on how to do that.

I wish to receive stock alert, when PUBLIC BANK BHD rises above 15.

Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Go to watchlist page.
  2. Press menu, select Stock alert.
  3. Type 15 under Rise Above column. Remember to press SAVE.
  4. Press menu, select Settings. Enable Alert.
Congratulation! It works right now :)

Please note that, to avoid annoying you, once you receive stock alert on that day, you will only receive the same stock alert in next day. We will not buzz you with multiple same stock alerts within a single day.

Hope this helps! If not, let's raise your doubt in

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