Friday, April 22, 2011

Yahoo! Hasn't Fixed Data Inaccuracy Problem

It is already 2 months since I contact Yahoo! Customer Support. However, data inaccuracy still occur in KLSE stock market.

I try to contact them again, by filling up Yahoo! Finance Data Inaccuracy Form. Hopefully they will fix it this time. :)


thimweng said...

Hi Cheok, would you think the issue would be solved quicker if more people fill in the form?

Anonymous said...

i have also sent in a report. it's already the end of june n my history still shows jan stock prices.

Lisa Moore said...

It's possible that the site had problems dealing with the web traffic or with their own database system. If this is still a problem now, people can direct it to any database expert. The site is probably having a hard time checking the problems in their customer support program since they have many users.

Lisa Moore