Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JStock 1.0.6 is ready

JStock 1.0.6 is ready with the following changes.

Feature: Supports stock merging and splitting.

Feature: Supports stock buy and sell units in floating point.

Feature: Investment flow chart able to show individual stock activity.

Feature: Able to restore previous position and size of JStock.

Feature: Easy way to add new stock which is not in offline database.

Feature: Able to choose between 1 or 2 columns stock input suggestion list.

Feature: We allow user to view history, even though offline database is not ready.

Bugfix: Portfolio page will be updated even though it is not being viewed.

Bugfix: Avoid empty record in dividend chart.

Bugfix: Change Italy stock index from S&P/MIB to FTSE MIB.

Bugfix: Able to delete multiple figures from indicator editor.

Bugfix: Remove splash screen for better simplicity user experience.

Please grab the latest copy of JStock from http://jstock.sourceforge.net/download.html

1 comment:

Jollybee said...

I really like what you are doing. I also thinking how good if your JStock can also track intraday movement of any counter.

For KLSE problem, I think you should contact a software house like ExcelForce if they offer their database for your interface!!