Friday, October 24, 2014

How to leave 5 star review in Google Play Store

If you would like to support my continuous development work in JStock (Trello board for JStock Android and Trello board for JStock - Free Stock Market Software), leaving 5 star review in Google Play Store is the best thing you can do.

Thank you for your support.

You may leave a nice 5 star review in Google Play Store, either through Android device, or desktop computer. The below shows how rating should be done.

To get started, please click on

Android Device

Step 1

Desktop Computer

Step 1

Step 2


Redhuan D. Oon said...

Hi fellow Malaysian. as a global trotter myself preaching open source worldwide, you have all my support. It is strange that i hear of you more when overseas. If you are free, i like to meet up and treat you some beer. Or teh tarik. :)

Yan Cheng Cheok said...


Very sorry. Just saw you message.

I almost abandon this blog, although I still post once in a blue moon.

I found it is far more effective, to keep in touch with my users, via facebook page :

Congratulation for able to lead an open source ERP project, consists of contributes from various countries. I found it is quite difficult to do so, especially for a non-profit project.

That's why till now, JStock is still a one-man-show-open-source-project :)

If someone want to treat me, why not? :) You can contact me via facebook page, or my email yancheng.cheok at gmail dot com.