Sunday, January 12, 2014

India is now having Google Finance Real-time Data

India is now having Google Finance Real-time data. Both NSE and BOM are supported. This features is found in the following JStock

  • JStock 1.0.7i
  • JStock Android 0.9.16
We also provide a very convenient way, to update your stock database. For instance, in US stock market, stock code for HSBC Holdings plc, had changed from HBC to HSBC.

If you realize some stocks, are missing, or out-dated from database, just fork, make necessary modification on the database, and send me a pull request. 

Once done, your JStock can obtain the latest database automatically.

We will monitor the performance of Google Finance Real-time data for a while. Once we are confident, we will migrate other stock markets to grab real-time data from Google Finance.

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Vilmar Simson said...

Looking forward to the Google Finance data being used in other markets.