Wednesday, December 25, 2013

JStock new development boards

There are quite of number of things you may expect from JStock new development board.


Check out the Ideas list here first. If you like a feature, add your vote.

Submitting feature requests for JStock Android & JStock - Free Stock Market Software

We need to be up front with you here. There are over a thousand of you and there are only single developer. If we tried to read and respond to every request that came in, we would never be able to ship awesome new features. We set up a special mailbox just for feature requests that we intend to review on a regular basis. Most likely, you won't get a response to your feature idea email, but we will use these suggestions collectively to influence our decision-making. In extreme cases, if our feature ideas mailbox is overflowing, we may have to empty it and start over (please don't hate us!) so that we can resume sanity. To be sure, our goal is to read everything that comes in, but we want to be up front in stating there's a chance your idea may slip through the cracks.
Email your features ideas here: yancheng.cheok [at] gmail [dot] com

Feel free to visit JStock Android and JStock - Free Stock Market Software development board.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday by the way :)

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