Monday, July 25, 2011

Early Snapshot of jstock-android Development

Here is the early snapshot of Android version JStock :-

Currently, I only plan to port over Portfolio Management feature from Desktop version JStock to Android version JStock.

This is because, I realize there a quite a number of free and good Stock Market related apps out there. For example, Bloomberg for Smartphone (

However, I feel that their portfolio management feature is not as comprehensive as JStock's. That's where I try to make jstock-android fill in the gap. :)

Currently, jstock-android is under active development. You are welcomed to participate in it.


jutamind said...

How to download this beta apps? The link you provide is the uncompiled version. Do you the compiled version that I can install straight away?

Android app development said...

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Vishy said...

Hi Jstock App Team

We didn't heard anything about JStock App for Android Mobiles from the last 6months.

Do you guys want to share any thing with us.

Plz Leave your comment asap as we are eager to hear regarding the same.

Thanks in Advance.

Ty chanko said...

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