Thursday, October 22, 2009

1.0.5 Is Coming To Town

JStock 1.0.5 had been released by today. Come with comphrehensive Technical Analysis feature.

Don't forget to check out my newly written Technical Analysis tutorial

Stock investment is always being fun and simple. Life is good ;)


Chames Bond said...

Do you plan to support JStock for Indian markets (NSE, BSE)?

Yan Cheng Cheok said...

Isn't JStock already support Indian stock market?

Chames Bond said...

No, India is not there in the list of countries... :(

Yan Cheng Cheok said...

Are you using version 1.0.5b?

India is official supported :

Chames Bond said... mistake!
I am using 1.02...
Sorry for bothering you buddy...thanks a lot for the info!!!