Sunday, July 05, 2009

Configure TortoiseCVS to Access Sourceforge through SSH In Windows Vista

All the while, I have been using SmartCVS to access sourceforge CVS repository. SmartCVS is really a nice piece of CVS GUI client software. It serves all my need for my day to day CVS operation. However, I am using free edition (please forgive a poor free software developer), and free edition comes with the following limitation :
  1. No conflict solver feature.
  2. No branch merging.
Since I start to apply branching in my sourceforge project, free edition SmartCVS no longer serve me well. Another free alternative, TortoiseCVS came to my mind. I had tried to use this software few years ago in my Windows XP, and I am happy with it too.

Now, I am using Windows Vista. I thought TortoiseCVS shall able to work well in Vista too. However, I get the following problem while using TortoiseCVS :

TortoisePlink.exe keeps on crashing

After several hours of configuring, I was finally success to perform the following task :

Use TortoiseCVS to Access Sourceforge through SSH in Windows Vista

I would like to share my experience, in case anyone of you need to perform similar stuff as me.

  1. Download pageant.exe, plink.exe, putty.exe and puttygen.exe from here. When the time I download, it was version 0.60. I locate all the 4 exe files in c:\putty
  2. Launch putty.exe. You will see the following screen. Click on "Generate"
  3. Keep moving your mouse randomly as instructed by putty.exe. After a while, you shall see the following screen.
  4. Click "Save private key". I save it in c:\putty, as file name "C:\putty\SourceForge-Shell.ppk".
  5. Then select all, and copy text under "Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file". The public key information will be later used to submit to sourceforge server.
  6. Go to "Control Panel" -> "Adminstrative Tools" -> "Task Scheduler", add the following new task. This is to make your Vista auto load private key through pageant.exe, each time you log on to Vista. We want the following command to be executed. "C:\putty\pageant.exe C:\putty\SourceForge-Shell.ppk"
  7. After you restart your computer, you shall able to see the following spy agent liked icon in your system tray. (OK, I know you are trying to figure out what Anti-Virus I am using, who cares?)
  8. Now, we want to send the public key information in step (7) to sourceforge. Go to your personal page in sourceforge.
  9. Go to "Account Options", then scroll down until you see "Host Access Information". Paste the public key information and save. Note that, the entire public key information shall be in 1 line.
  10. Right click on your desktop, go to CVS-> Preferences. Change your SSH application to c:\putty\plink.exe and SSH parameters to -l "%u" "%h"
  11. Now you may check out your sourceforge project, and start to hack on it :)


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