Saturday, August 31, 2013

Subscribe to JStock Buffett

We have a bold idea recently.

JStock Buffett. Follow experts to invest. Know what local experts are currently buying and selling. Follow them to invest and profit from stock market. migrated to

Due to the fallen of sourceforge (, we decide to slowly move away from sourceforge. Our first step is have a new domain name : 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How upgrade to premium process look like?

There is reason why we do not want to put up an explicit "Upgrade to Premium" in a more obvious way (Says a main menu item). We want you to spend your $4.99 in a wise way. We hope you will only purchase something, which is useful to you.

We hold a very strong believe that, we do not want your money if you are not absolutely happy. We prefer to have 1 happy customer, rather than 10 so-so customers.

What we did is, whenever you try to use the following features

  • Open from cloud
  • Save to cloud
  • Buy summary chart
  • Sell summary chart
  • Dividend chart
  • Zoom tool for history chart
  • Creating more than 2 watchlists or portfolios
  • Background stock alert
  • Display foreign stock holding in local currency

only then the "Upgrade to Premium" dialog will shown up. If any of the above features is useful to you, we encourage you upgrade to premium. $4.99 will be very much worth spent.

If not, we feel that free version of JStock Android (which comes with advertisement supported) is very much suit to your current need. No premium upgrade is required.

As a part for upgrading to premium, advertisement will be removed permanently.

Before paying $4.99, You can play around with the premium features. Some of them come with "Demo" button. You can have a real user experience on these features, before spending your hard earned money.

But still, if you are still wondering how upgrading premium process look like, here it goes.

1. Select any of the premium features. Save to cloud for example.

2. The following dialog will be shown, as you haven't upgraded to premium.

3. Upgrade to premium dialog box. The big blue button will trigger the Google Play payment system. There is quite a number of "Demo" button, which you may have a real user experience on these features, before spending your hard earned money.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

JStock supports 4 decimal places for buy and sell portfolio

JStock supports 4 decimal places for buy and sell portfolio.

How to add Hong Kong Government iBond into JStock

Please refer to 

1) Desktop : 

2) Desktop : 

3) Android : 

Friday, August 02, 2013

Daily high low for watchlist

By default, JStock Android is showing Name, Last and Chg%. If you would like to have different information, just long press on the table header. 

For instance, if you would like to switch from Last to High. Long press Last, you can get the following pop up selection.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Some stocks aren't found in JStock Android (For warrants)

If you are unable to add certain warrants into JStock Android ( will not work most probably. It only works for stocks), here is the workarounds you may try off. 

We are currently improving JStock Android. You might not need this workaround in the future. However, at current moment, please bear with it :)

  1. Add your warrants into JStock - Free Stock Market Software using the following way

2. Save to cloud using JStock - Free Stock Market Software
3. Open from cloud using JStock Android
4. JStock Android will now contain the latest added warrants.