Sunday, February 21, 2010

Genting starts to move in downward trend

Genting starts to move in downward trend, with its short term moving average starts to break through long term moving average.

My average purchasing price is 6.85, which I consider as a bad entry point.

Chance for me to lower down my purchasing price is coming soon. Yeah!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can you help us to make JStock a better software?

The JStock team wants to THANK YOU for the integral role you play in making the software thrive.

With the idea of continuous improvement in mind, we want to know more about you, our user.

Your survey responses will help us further understand the features of the software you like most.

We know you’re busy, so this survey will only take a minute. Or two. Maybe three… AT MOST.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pre-Chinese New Year Release - 1.0.5h

JStock 1.0.5h had been released, with massive improvement on charting side.

Kindly try it out.

Wish everyone have a handsome gain before Chinese New Year. I hope that JStock will provide little help :)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Investment Flow Chart

Here is the comment we received from one of our beloved end users.

My big problem now is to find the transaction history of a stock. If I enter BHP purchase details, then that shows just fine on the screen. When I then sell the stock, the details of the BUY disappear. How do I recall them?

We decide to come out : Investment Flow Chart

Do you like it?

* Note : This is an unreleased feature yet.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

We Want a Better Charting

Yes. We all know that, JStock's charting is pretty primitive. (At least for current moment)

We value you as our free software user. Hence, we work quite hard, to improve the user experience of charting.

In next release of JStock, we are going to have a new charting feature.

Real-Time Mouse Tracing

This means, as you move your mouse along the chart, a small blue ball will be sliding along the chart line. A small semi-transparent windows will be sliding along, to show you the detailed information.

The above is the screen shoot of early snapshot. We are now working hard, to polish it up.

During this period, we would like to hear your comment on this feature.
  • Do you like the yellow color window?
  • Do you like the blue small ball?
  • Do you like the font size?
  • ...
Leave your comment, or drop us an email at yccheok at yahoo dot com

Thank you very much! We hope you will continue enjoy using JStock.